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Race Day - Pre-race prep

Eat Right, Ride Hard

Everyone is going to need to do a little testing to see what foods are best for them.  I like to use a few tried and true lessons.

1 - Eat 4 hours before the race, as you shouldn't be hungry before the race.  I usually eat a large meal, quantity being something you will have to work out on your own.

2 - What to eat?  I like a big bowl of pasta!  Most important is to eat something with a good glycemic index (slow sugar release), such as pasta, and food that dosen't upset your stomach.  Heartburn sux during a race.

3 - About 45 min before start time, eat an energy gel and then another right before the start and send it hard!

Try these Links for Local Races 

Summit County Race Series!  2008 Schedule Available Now!
Colorado 10 Race Series. NORBA (National Off-Road Bicycle Association) and USAC (USA Cycling sanctioned.
Pinnacle Summer Race Series, 24 hour race, Xterra points race and more.
Endurance race, famous Midnight start, all Singletrack course.
Annual XC race Durango to Silverton.  They do have a rider limit, so register early.
Event Schedule, includes training camps and several crushing races.  Featured Floyd Landis in '07.
24 hour endurance race, considered the toughest 24 hr Mountain Bike Race, Period!
Boulder Race. Team event, one rider, one runner, and mud.  What else do you need?
Warriors Cycling
Battle of the Bear, Eldoro Escape, Breck 100 & B-63.
Amazing summer series, sweet singletrack.